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Travel guides to India

Region in India
Hotels in Tamil Nadu | Attractions in Tamil Nadu

Holiday Inn at Gem Park, Ooty houses a couple of good restaurants and a well stocked
bakery and coffee shop. The buffet ...
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Hotels in Kerala | Attractions in Kerala

Pepper has always been “big business”. In the ancient world it was valued in its
weight in silver. The high demand for ...
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Hotels in Delhi | Attractions in Delhi

We were a little late for this one hour show, as we arrived it was in full swing.
Traditional dance forms, including ...
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Attractions in Pondicherry

The gift shops near the Visitors Centre at Auroville offer a charming selection of
handicrafts. These are made by the ...
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Hotels in Orissa | Attractions in Orissa

The rest house in the island is full up. Everyone is awaiting the Ridley turtles. So
much so that almost nobody ...
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Hotels in Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) | Attractions in Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal)

Badrinath is one of the most revered shrines of India. It is situated on Nar-Narayan
Parvat with the towering Neelkanth ...
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Hotels in Himāchal Pradesh | Attractions in Himāchal Pradesh

There are plenty volunteer opportunities in Dharamsala. The biggest demand seems to be for
teachers of both English and ...
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Hotels in Jammu and Kashmir | Attractions in Jammu and Kashmir

Lamayuru: As a monastic site this is believed to be the oldest in Ladakh and to have been
a holy place of the Bon-chos ...
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Hotels in West Bengal | Attractions in West Bengal

West Bengal is a land of natural beauty, exquisite lyrical poetry and enthusiastic people.
When I and my friends visited ...
Region in India

After I returned to Delhi, I read disturbing reports in the papers about China claiming
quite categorically that ...
Region in India
Hotels in Andhra Pradesh | Attractions in Andhra Pradesh

The Godavari river drains out to the Bay of Bengal here.Rice from the entire east and west
Godavari basin is brought here ...
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Hotels in Rajasthan | Attractions in Rajasthan

This temple more commonly known as “The Rat Temple” was the highlight of India for me.
Followers of the Hindu goddess ...
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Hotels in Sikkim | Attractions in Sikkim

Armed with the all-important special permit, I hit the road to Yumthang with renewed
enthusiasm. Permits or things like ...


3.0 stars
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Hotels in Goa | Attractions in Goa

I went here with my girlfriend for a two-week beach break. It was kind of weird because we
both want to travel properly ...
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Hotels in Maharashtra | Attractions in Maharashtra

A first-timer to Asia and at the very start of my travels, arriving in Mumbai wasn't a
culture shock - it was a ...
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Hotels in Uttar Pradesh | Attractions in Uttar Pradesh


It was a cold January morning when I got off the train at Allahabad. In the evening we
Region in India
Hotels in Karnataka | Attractions in Karnataka

If you visit Bangalore, don't forget to go to the Ranga Shankara. It is one of the nicest
little performance places in ...
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