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Travel guides to New Zealand

Region in New Zealand
| Attractions in Wellington Region

A sweet little high rise (if you can imagine such a thing), the Aitken on Mulgrave was the
ideal place to rest a few days ...
Region in New Zealand
Hotels in Southland | Attractions in Southland

The bus took us from Milford Sound back to where the car was parked at Te Anau Downs. A
policeman was waiting for us, ...
Region in New Zealand
Hotels in Marlborough and Nelson | Attractions in Marlborough and Nelson

Otaki is only about an hour north of Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. The drive
down State Highway 1 is fast and ...
Region in New Zealand
Hotels in Auckland Region | Attractions in Auckland Region

Why do airports make you check in at stupidly early times?? I left my hostel with barely
time to pack (actually, I didn't ...
Region in New Zealand
Attractions in Hawke's Bay

The gulls wheeled and pirouetted above me, cutting knife-like tears in the clouds.
Sunlight filtered down through the ...
Region in New Zealand

The drive up the West Coast of New Zealand is both exciting and boring. The scenery is
just so beautiful that you start ...
Region in New Zealand
Attractions in Waikato

Every year, late in March, a peculiar sight can be witnessed on the Waikato River, near
Ngaruawahia in the North Island ...
Region in New Zealand

I don't normally talk to strange men in pubs, but when you are in New Zealand, you sort of
have to. Everyone is ...
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