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Travel guides to Australia

Region in Australia
Hotels in Victoria | Attractions in Victoria

The last day is only is an easy track back to the carpark, but as it is completely inland,
there are no views and the ...
Region in Australia
Hotels in New South Wales | Attractions in New South Wales

Finally, I had almost given up by now and ready to move to Brisbane to look for a job in
the city. Although I had said I ...
Region in Australia
Hotels in Northern Territory | Attractions in Northern Territory

The Aboriginies that picked us up at the next stop were determined that we got as drunk as
they did on the drive from the ...
Region in Australia
Hotels in Queensland | Attractions in Queensland

I put my thumb out as my companion hid in a hammock in the trees. It worked. We got a lift
in a sports car. Problem. The ...
Region in Australia
Hotels in Western Australia | Attractions in Western Australia

An excellent way to spend an afternoon in Western Australia is to go sandboarding.
Excursions out to the sand dunes can ...
Region in Australia
| Attractions in Tasmania

The morning we awoke in the park was sadly the one we also had to return Bessie to the
nice people at Hertz, so we got on ...
Region in Australia
Hotels in South Australia | Attractions in South Australia

The next day after admiring the unique Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island, we headed to
another area on the island as ...
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