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Travel guides to Asia and Middle East

Region in Indonesia
Hotels in Bali | Attractions in Bali

During a recent visit to Bali I was able to stay at the Sentosa Private Villas Hotel which
was located midway along the ...
Region in Philippines
Hotels in Manila | Attractions in Manila

If there’s a common denominator in food among international nations, I would agree that
pizza is the answer. And I’m ...
Region in Indonesia
Hotels in Yogyakarta Region | Attractions in Yogyakarta Region

When you are visiting Yogyakarta, there are plenty street “restaurants”, although to
many foreigners it’s a no-no to eat ...
Region in Malaysia
Hotels in Kuala Lumpur (Region) | Attractions in Kuala Lumpur (Region)

The world is balanced and I have to say not all service are good. Since I have this
constant complain about taxi drivers, ...
Region in India
Hotels in Tamil Nadu | Attractions in Tamil Nadu

Holiday Inn at Gem Park, Ooty houses a couple of good restaurants and a well stocked
bakery and coffee shop. The buffet ...
Region in India
Hotels in Kerala | Attractions in Kerala

Pepper has always been “big business”. In the ancient world it was valued in its
weight in silver. The high demand for ...
Region in Thailand
Hotels in Phuket | Attractions in Phuket

It would be quite surprising for many to marvel at how easily Phuket managed to make a
come back after the disastrous ...
Region in Thailand
Hotels in Trat | Attractions in Trat

Once in Trat town I managed to book the bus back to Bangkok with ease which gave me time
to have lunch in the town and ...
Region in Thailand
Hotels in Krung Thep Mahanakhon

Solve the argument about whether different countries have different sized condoms by
visiting one of the world's largest ...
Region in Turkey

If you ask me the most interesting church in İstanbul is Bulgarian (Stefan) Church.
Located in the Golden Horn between ...
Region in Taiwan
Hotels in Taipei | Attractions in Taipei

If you are in Taipei for a few days, the easiest way to get around is by subway. After an
initial period of confusion due ...
Region in Vietnam
Hotels in Hà Nội | Attractions in Hà Nội

From Hanoi travel to two different pagodas, Thay and Tay Phuong are very often combined in
a day trip or half-day trip ...
Region in India
Hotels in Delhi | Attractions in Delhi

We were a little late for this one hour show, as we arrived it was in full swing.
Traditional dance forms, including ...
Region in India
Attractions in Pondicherry

The gift shops near the Visitors Centre at Auroville offer a charming selection of
handicrafts. These are made by the ...
Region in Malaysia
Hotels in Kedah | Attractions in Kedah

The first part of my big trip - ride from the Holiday Villa to the airport - was
relatively easy and uneventful. I went ...
Region in Bangladesh
Attractions in Dhaka

Nothing can quite prepare you for the sights and sounds you encounter when you first
arrive in Bangladesh. Your senses ...
Region in Sri Lanka
Hotels in Central Sri Lanka (Kandy)

The Greenhouse is a guesthouse right at the start of the walking track to Adams Peak. It
is very, very basic with shared ...
Region in India
Hotels in Orissa | Attractions in Orissa

The rest house in the island is full up. Everyone is awaiting the Ridley turtles. So
much so that almost nobody ...
Region in Philippines
| Attractions in Bohol

One of the best experiences that I have with my tours is when I had a lunch at the
floating resturant cruising along the ...
Region in Japan
Hotels in Tokyo Region | Attractions in Tokyo Region

Tokyo is a universe of “many cities” within the city - which also lives in 3 levels,
namely viaducts, streets and ...
Region in India
Hotels in Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) | Attractions in Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal)

Badrinath is one of the most revered shrines of India. It is situated on Nar-Narayan
Parvat with the towering Neelkanth ...
Region in India
Hotels in Himāchal Pradesh | Attractions in Himāchal Pradesh

There are plenty volunteer opportunities in Dharamsala. The biggest demand seems to be for
teachers of both English and ...
Region in India
Hotels in Jammu and Kashmir | Attractions in Jammu and Kashmir

Lamayuru: As a monastic site this is believed to be the oldest in Ladakh and to have been
a holy place of the Bon-chos ...
Region in Cambodia
Hotels in Siĕm Réab | Attractions in Siĕm Réab

Angkor Thom isn’t a single building; it is in fact a walled complex measuring 3
kilometres on each side (another ...
Region in India
Hotels in West Bengal | Attractions in West Bengal

West Bengal is a land of natural beauty, exquisite lyrical poetry and enthusiastic people.
When I and my friends visited ...
Region in Malaysia
Hotels in Negeri Sembilan | Attractions in Negeri Sembilan

When we headed back by Sunday, after the beach goodness, we flagged a taxi back to town.
The driver asked for RM2! We ...
Region in India

After I returned to Delhi, I read disturbing reports in the papers about China claiming
quite categorically that ...
Region in Vietnam

Alright, not that I don’t know the name of the restaurant, but it actually doesn’t
have a name at all, but I can assure ...
Region in Japan
Attractions in Hiroshima

Translated as “landscape garden in miniature”, Shukkei-en Garden, was first laid out
in 1620 by the local Master of the ...
Region in Philippines
Hotels in Iloilo | Attractions in Iloilo

This place is in the provincial part of Iloilo and located at the town of Guimbal,
twenty-nine kilometers southwest of ...
Region in Malaysia
Hotels in Melaka | Attractions in Melaka

We only got down on selected stops. The first bus (base), was from across the bus station,
have given out a pamphlet ...
Region in Philippines
| Attractions in Baguio

One of the more popular cities in the Philippines is found far north, about 250 kilometers
away from Manila, the ...
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