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Travel guides to North and Middle America

Coast Line
Region in United States
Hotels in South Carolina | Attractions in South Carolina

If you are in the mood for some books and a cup of coffee, and you are in the south, don't
worry. There is a Barnes and ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Minnesota | Attractions in Minnesota

Cabela’s sporting goods store is all about hunting and fishing. In fact, when it was
built in 1998 it was the largest ...
Region in Mexico
Hotels in Distrito Federal | Attractions in Distrito Federal

Whether or not you believe the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego almost 500 years ago,
The Villa of Guadalupe is an ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Hawaii | Attractions in Hawaii

If you decide to go sport fishing on the Big Island, what ever you do – do not charter
the Hapa Laka. The boat barely ...
Region in Cuba

No matter what kind of typical Cuban product you're looking for in Havana, from souvenirs
to original paintings to ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Ohio | Attractions in Ohio

Asian Chao is a Chinese restaurant that is located in the food court at Summit Mall in
Fairlawn, Ohio. It is an ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Texas | Attractions in Texas

Driving across Texas is an interesting adventure-experience!!
I did it three times along different routes. I drove ...
Region in Dominican Republic
Hotels in Puerto Plata

After that, we went from fall to fall, our guide helping us to find the best spots and
easiest routes. Sometimes the ...
Region in Jamaica
Attractions in Portland

Anna Banana is not a fancy sit down establishment put it blends in with the laid back
atmosphere of its environs in ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Missouri | Attractions in Missouri

El Jimador is actually the only authentic Mexican restaurant in this town, making it
incredibly popular, if not TOO ...
Region in Canada
Hotels in Quebec (Province) | Attractions in Quebec (Province)

Lanaudiere is a region in Quebec Province and perhaps the best time to pass by Lanaudiere
is right now, when it is spring ...
Region in Mexico
Hotels in Yucatán | Attractions in Yucatán

The final ruin that I visited was Coba. Coba is located about 30 miles from Playa, but I
visited Tulum and Coba in the ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Michigan | Attractions in Michigan

This is more of a work and travel tips. The Fowler Center is an outdoor recreation and
education facility that offers ...
Region in United States

Wow. What an amazing place! A surf shop, Bar, restaurant and club all in the one place.
I was traveling through here a ...
Region in Mexico
Hotels in Colima

An other bit of uniqueness in the regions of Mexico, is the odd method they have for take
out drinks.

For ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Florida | Attractions in Florida

When driving across Florida a stop at the Everglades is a requirement! I went along the
Gulf of Mexico Coast and then ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Kentucky | Attractions in Kentucky

A small and intimate cafe by day, and a centre of the arts and drama by night. Tucked away
in the midst of Elizabethtown, ...
Region in El Salvador

The Botanical Gardens of La Laguna are a great place to visit in San Salvador if you are
into nature; the gardens are in ...
Region in United States
Hotels in California | Attractions in California

Copley's on Palm Canyon is a widely popular restaurant that has been known to attract

not only regular ...
Region in Jamaica
Hotels in Kingston | Attractions in Kingston

Every year leading up to Jamaica Carnival and Bacchanal, there are a series of socarobics
sessions. They usually start at ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Wisconsin | Attractions in Wisconsin

If your road trip leads you towards Apple River…you have to stop. Apple River is a
tubing paradise. Talk about lazy ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Indiana | Attractions in Indiana

Mounds State Park is a really wonderful little park. I stress little, because it is much
smaller than most state parks ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Nevada | Attractions in Nevada

A highlight of the State Park´s visit was the Atlatl Rock. A large rock in a rather
isolated group of red rocks just by ...
Region in Canada
Hotels in Ontario | Attractions in Ontario

If you get some time off from work and are thinking about taking a nice fishing trip than
you should strongly consider ...
Region in Guatemala
Attractions in Guatemala

There are many ways to move in Guatemala, some of the most common are by mini buses, vans,
and taxis. The better way to ...
Region in United States
Hotels in New Jersey | Attractions in New Jersey

Personally, I think Houston's Restaurant has it all. This is the perfect spot to take a
date, a business client or even ...
Region in Mexico

Guanajuato is a great little city with a lot of history, I love going there since most
people living there are from the ...
Region in Canada
Attractions in Prince Edward Island

Hitchhiking is one of the more controversial parts of traveling and each person needs to
be aware that, no matter what, ...
Region in Canada
Hotels in British Columbia | Attractions in British Columbia

I have 2 young kids, so no matter where I travel, I need to find suitable kid friendly
activities for them. It's their ...
Region in United States
Hotels in Puerto Rico

Getting away from the heavy tourist areas of Puerto Rico led me to the central mountain
region and the town of Maricao, ...
Region in United States
Attractions in Virgin Islands

St. Thomas is a pretty island. There are many different private beaches loaded with coral
reefs and sailing tours. We had ...
Region in Mexico

Patzcuaro is one of my favourite Mexican towns; it has an island in the middle of a lake.
The Island is a really small ...
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